¡Hola! I am México ! I'm an orig inal character from the series Axis Powers Hetalia! I am neighbors with USA (Alfred). He can be very obnoxious but a good friend when you need him to be. If you would like to ask something ((whether it be to the character or cosplayer)), please feel free to do so!
Happy Birthday Mexico!!! What are you gonna do today?
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Well anon, what I did is what I do every year: celebrate with my people. It is because of them that I am a nation! We ate great food, played wonderful music, and danced.

But at the end of it all it always makes me remember that my independence was achieved through the hardship and bravery from people struggling from people who no longer wanted to be under Spain’s rule. It took over a decade of fighting before we were able to win but we showed the world that  can prevail!


+ Mexico Fun Fact # 18

While my birthday is tomorrow (the 16th), on the 15th at 11pm began El Grito de Dolores. El Grito began when Father Miguel Hildalgo cried out for Mexican independence; to stand up and be free!

At 11pm at the National Palace in Mexico City on this day, the President of Mexico rings the bell to commemorate El Grito.


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+ ¡Felicitaciones to Germany!

Congratulations to Germany for winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup! It was quite a journey for all teams but one walked away on top! Germany certainly has worked hard.

To everyone else who has made 2nd to 4th place, don’t be too hard on yourselves. The fact that you’ve made it far enough was incredible! Your nations should be proud!

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+ FIFA roads ended today…

Well, Mexico’s journey in the FIFA World Cup ended today with a loss against the Netherlands 2-1. Am I upset? Well, I was disappointed, I admit. But there are more teams out there that I am willing to support!

Great job, Mexico National Team! There’s always next Mundial!!

+ Guess What?!~

Guess who’s nation’s team is advancing to the next stage in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

This one!~


Croatia was quite an opponent but it was still an amazing game! Brazil, the host, nation is advancing as well. I’m sorry to see Cameroon and Croatia go but there will be future games. Now, next match is against Netherlands! (gulp)

I can’t wait to see who else advances!

+ Brazil vs Mexico Game

Well that was such an intense game! I can’t tell you how many times I cried out, yelled, groaned, and cheered throughout the whole thing!

Well Brasil, your team was very tough but that was what made it so much enjoyable.


Mexico to date

W - 1

L - 0

D - 1

((I know I should have had one for Cameroon’s game but for that whole time I had no computer. I feel really bad about that!))

+ Where Have I Been

 (( I know I should have posted for the FIFA World Cup but I had issues come up and had terrible connection with my wifi.

But I have been watching and keeping up with the matches and can’t tell you enough how excited they have been getting me! I promises, in the future, I will do my best to keep posting!))

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+ 5 Days til FIFA!~

Wow! Can’t believe it’s almost time! I really can’t wait! All the Friendlies have been fun and a great way for the team to prepare!

Who else is ready for this amazing event? I’m pumped!

+ 10 Days til FIFA

Who’s excited? I know I am! Yay!~

Teams gotta go through a few more Friendlies before heading for Brasil though!

Do you have a crush on any nation? Or at least have an ideal type? (*´▽`*)
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hmmmmm, a crush or an ideal type? I know who you all think I’m going to say, but I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you all! :P  Well, let’s see:

There is Canada! He’s so nice and has been very cooperative with me every since we have met! You can’t help but be relaxed when you are around him.


But I’d have to lean more towards Sweden. He’s so tall, and silent. He’s an air of mystery that you can’t let go.Plus, he has good carpentry skills and our national soccer teams have played against each other plenty of times! But I know his heart is already taken…


Which leads me to Germany! Now that’s a nation/man! He’s strong, smart, clever, and very reliable! Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s very handsome! Especially when he’s in engineering mode, researching! What more could a person ask for? I have known Germany for a very long time and we get a long very well. We have helped each other plenty of times. Being around him you understand why Italy is so attached!


So I guess if you really think about it, my ideal type is someone who is tall, strong, blonde, and wears glasses!


… . WAIT!


you had a skier in the olympics?! do you even have snow in mexico?? lol
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I don’t know what you consider to be snow, anon, but I’m pretty sure all those places and more are pretty snowy.


+ Back!~

((Hey everyone! I’m back! It was a long semester but I’m coming back on my blog! I’ve missed everyone! I’ll be answering a couple questions today and in the upcoming weeks I’ll be back to posting regularly!))